How Not 2 Suck was founded in Austin, TX by designer and educational speaker Megan Mead — a professional creative, dedicated to helping people improve their presentation performances and, ultimately, their careers.

With an extensive background in visual communication and over 10 years of theatrical training, Megan has a unique viewpoint, straddling the world of performance and design. What started out as a very successful panel at SXSWi has since grown into a brand dedicated to self-improvement and targeted towards helping professionals reach their full presentation potential.

Looking for an engaging, professional speaker with real-life agency experience? HN2S could be the perfect fit. 

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Better Business Series

AIGA Austin


AIGA Austin has created a new series of workshop-style sessions that offer insights from industry leaders in order to help designers of every level gain or hone new skills. During this 6-hour session, creatives of all ages learned how to improve their presentation performance through interactive exercises and one-on-one feedback.

Hear what some of the audience members had to say.

How NOT 2 Suck at Presenting Your Work - Lecture

HOW Design Live 2015

Megan was very honored and excited to give an HN2S interactive lecture in front of 750+ designers, developers and other conference attendees at HOW Design Live 2015. With a newly revamped presentation deck, fun and relevant video clips, and just the right amount of audience participation, the session was a complete hit.

Check out a sample of this presentation.

Brown Bag Betterment

St. Edward’s University

St. Ed’s in-house design and marketing team wanted to step up their presentation performance, so they invited HN2S for a training session served with a side of lunch. After 1.5 hours of interactive exercises and conversational Q&A, we were able to cover a lot of ground, address most of the team’s issues and consume a lot of pizza.

Hear from the St. Ed’s creative director and others

HN2S Breakout Session

DSVC National Student Shows 10 & 11

Learning and practicing how to give a good presentation should start before you even leave school. That is why HN2S has been excited to work with Dallas’s Society of Visual Communicators in order to reach out to future creatives and give them hands-on techniques for presenting themselves and their work in “real world” situations.

Brown Bag Betterment

McGarrah Jessee

The extremely talented design and advertising firm McGarrah Jessee hosted an interactive HN2S session over lunch. They filled the attendance sheet in little over a day, and the attendees came from all areas of the agency: design, creative, account service, media, PR, UX, strategy, and HR. It was a blast! And the sandwiches weren’t too bad either.

Bad Presentations Kill Good Ideas - Session

RISE Week Austin 2013

Being a good entrepreneur often requires being a good communicator and presenter. That is why Austin’s RISE 2013 (a conference for entrepreneurs) invited HN2S to teach a small workshop on the importance of improving your confidence and your presentation performance. It was an intimate hour and a half session with 25 professionals from all across Texas.

Here is the session’s synopsis

How NOT 2 Suck at Presenting Your Work - Dual Presentation

SXSWi 2013

Working with her former UNT design professor Michael Gibson, Megan launched How NOT 2 Suck at SXSWi 2013.

The presentation generated so much interest that we were asked to give an encore performance (a very rare honor according to SXSW).